A Study on the Zooplanktonic Fauna of the Dam Lakes Kunduzlar and Çatören (Kırka-Eskişehir)

Authors: Ahmet ALTINDAĞ, Şakir ÖZKURT

Abstract: In the present study, the zooplanktonic fauna of the Kunduzlar and Çatören dam lakes (Kirka basin-Eskişehir) was investigated during August 1994-June 1995. Eight species of Rotifera, five species of Cladocera and two species of Copepoda were identified in both dam lakes. In addition, the mean zooplankton abundance (ind. m -3 ) and physical and chemical parameters of dam lakes were given.

Keywords: Zooplankton, Cladocera, Copepoda, Rotifera, Abundance, Kunduzlar Dam Lake, Çatören Dam Lake.

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