New record of Oribatula (Zygoribatula) nicora (Djaparidze, 1986) comb. nov. from Turkey with a redescription of species


Abstract: Lucoppia nicora Djaparidze, 1986 was found in garlic fields in the Kastamonu region of Turkey. This finding is a new record for Turkey and also the first finding after its description from Nikortsminda cave and a vegetable garden in Tbilisi, Georgia. Redescription of the species is accompanied by a discussion of its taxonomic status. Based on differences having generic character in the structure of the prodorsum (length of lamellae; width of translamellae; distance between ro, le, and in setae), L. nicora is regarded as belonging to the subgenus Oribatula (Zygoribatula). Oribatula (Zygoribatula) nicora (Djaparidze, 1986) comb. nov. is proposed. A new diagnosis for the subgenus Zygoribatula is provided.

Keywords: Lucoppia nicora Djaparidze, 1986, new record, redescription, Kastamonu region, Turkey

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