Spalax denizliensis sp. nov. (Spalacidae, Rodentia) from an Early Pleistocene-aged locality in the Denizli Basin (southwestern Turkey)


Abstract: It is thought that Spalacidae (Rodentia, Mammalia) originated in Anatolia. They are widespread among Neogene-aged faunas in Anatolia and they are used as zonal fossils because of their strong evolutionary dynamics. Only one fossil species (S. odessanus, Middle Pliocene) has been identified from the genus Spalax, which has more than 14 species presently. There are no fossil findings of this genus in Anatolia. Early Pleistocene-aged Spalax denizliensis sp. nov. from the Denizli Basin is the youngest fossil Spalax species and it will be helpful to understand the evolution of recent Spalax species.

Keywords: Spalax, new species, Early Pleistocene, Denizli, Turkey

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