Survival and Growth of Corophium volutator in Organically Enriched Sediment: A Comparison of Laboratory and Field Experiments

Authors: Levent BAT, Dave RAFFAELLI

Abstract: In this study, the amphipod Corophium volutator (Pallas) was evaluated as test organisms for use in sediment toxicity tests by adapting standard protocols for conducting 10-day and 28-day sediment toxicity tests. Combine laboratory and field bioas-says showed that Corophium can survive in organically enriched sediment if they have no alternative, suggesting that Corophium is relatively tolerant of organically enriched sediment. Neither were there effects on emergence or reburying behaviour. Therefore this bioassay is considered inappropriate for estimating the quality of organically enricment sediment.

Keywords: Corophium volutator,toxicity, emergence, rebury

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