Toxicity of Neem Leaves Extract (NLX) Compared With Malathion (57 E.C.) Against Late 3rd Instar Larvae of Culex fatigans(Wild Strain) By WHO Method

Authors: Mohammad Arshad AZMI, Syed Naeemul Hassan NAQVI, Imtiaz AHMAD, Rahila TABASSUM, Bushra ANB

Abstract: Among the filariaris causing mosquitoes Culex fatigans is considered an important intermediate host in South-East Asia. Toxicity of ethanolic extract of neem leaves (NLX) is compared with an organophosphate pesticide malathion (57 E.C.). The LC 50 value of malathion (Sisthion) determined presently is 0.45 ppm against late 3rd instar larvae of Culex fatigans (wild strain) and of neem fraction (NLX) is 390 ppm by standard WHO method.


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