Zerconid mites (Acari, Zerconidae) in İstanbul, with four new records for the Turkish fauna


Abstract: The zerconid mites collected from İstanbul Province between January 2012 and September 2013 are evaluated and the following species are recorded: Prozercon balıkesirensis, P. buraki, P. carpathofimbriatus, P. demirsoyi, P. fimbriatus, P. satapliae, P. sultani, P. traegardhi, P. yavuzi, Zercon colligans, Z. cretensis, Z. inonuensis, Z. istanbulensis, Z. laczii, Z. lepurus, Z. marinae, and Z. nemoralis. Of these, P. carpathofimbriatus, Z. cretensis, Z. laczii, and Z. marinae are recorded for the first time from Turkey. On the basis of collected specimens, short descriptions of newly recorded species are noted, the measurements of 17 species are given, and their geographic distributions are discussed. Additionally, altitude and habitat preferences of zerconid species are presented.

Keywords: Acari, Zerconidae, new records, İstanbul, Turkey

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