Hedychridium monochroum and Chrysis lanceolata (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae)- two species of cuckoo wasps reared from nests of Solierella compedita (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae) in southeastern Ukraine


Abstract: The crabronid wasp Solierella compedita (Piccioli, 1969) occupied artificial trap-nests in southeastern Ukraine. Cuckoo wasps Hedychridium monochroum du Buysson, 1888 and Chrysis lanceolata Linsenmaier, 1959 were reared from its nests. Thus, the host-parasitoid association between S. compedita and Ch. lanceolata is recorded for the first time and the association between S. compedita and H. monochroum is confirmed. The larva of H. monochroum and the minute cocoon structure of both reared chrysidids are described. Wide color variability is shown for H. monochroum. The feeding habits of larvae for both chrysidids are discussed.

Keywords: Chrysididae, Crabronidae, Hedychridium monochroum, Chrysis lanceolata, Solierella compedita, cocoon, larva, parasitoid, southeastern Ukraine

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