New record of the genus and species Liothrips reuteri (Bagnall) from Iraq, with a checklist of tubuliferan species (Thysanoptera)


Abstract: A tamarisk thrips, Liothrips reuteri (Bagnall) (Thysanoptera: Tubulifera), collected on Tamarix from Mandali (Diyala Province) is recorded from Iraq for the first time. This also represents the first record of the genus Liothrips Uzel for this country. A current checklist of the tubuliferan thrips from Iraq is provided. The new records increase the known tubuliferan thrips reported in Iraq to 12 species in 6 genera representing two subfamilies of the family Phlaeothripidae. Diagnostic morphological characters and the geographical distribution of the newly recorded thrips are given.

Keywords: Thysanoptera, Tubulifera, Liothrips, Tamarix, Iraq

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