Physiological energetics of Buccinum undatumL. (Gastropoda) off Douglas, Isle of Man (the Irish Sea)

Authors: Ahmet E. KIDEYŞ

Abstract: Physiological energetics of the common whelk ( Buccinum undatum) were studied in a population off Douglas, Isle of Man and an energy budget was constructed for the period February 1989 to January 1990. The components of the energy budget (in kJ m -2 year -1 ) for the population can be summarized thus: consumption (C)=753; growth production (P g )=34; reproductive production (P r )=4; mucus production=218; respiration (R)=96; ammonia excretion (U)=8; and faecal production (F)=393. Assimilation efficiency was 47.7%. P/B (annual production/biomass) was calculated as 1.40 representing an intermediate life span for this species.

Keywords: Buccinum, Ecology, Energetics, Energy budget, production.

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