Faunistic survey on the Agathidinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in the Central Anatolia Region with a new record for the Turkish fauna: Bassus tegularis (Thomson, 1895)


Abstract: This study is based upon material of the subfamily Agathidinae collected from different localities in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey from 1988 to 2008. The study resulted in the recording for the Turkish fauna of 14 species belonging to 3 genera (Agathis Latreille, 1804; Bassus Fabricius, 1804; and Disophrys Förster, 1862) within the subfamily Agathidinae. Agathis fischeri Zettel and Beyarslan, Agathis fulmeki Fischer, Agathis fuscipennis (Zetterstedt), Agathis glaucoptera Nees, Agathis lugubris (Förster), Agathis malvacearum Latreille, Agathis nigra Nees, Agathis varipes Thomson, Bassus linguarius (Nees), Bassus tumidulus (Nees), and Disophrys caesa (Klug) are recorded for the first time in the Central Anatolia Region and Bassus tegularis (Thomson) is a new record for the Turkish fauna.

Keywords: Agathidinae, Braconidae, fauna, Turkey, first record, Bassus tegularis?

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