Taxonomical investigations on the fauna of Opiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in Ardahan, Erzurum, Iğdır, and Kars provinces of the Turkish northeastern Anatolian region


Abstract: In order to determine the Braconidae fauna of Turkey, adult specimens of Opiinae were collected from various habitats of the Turkish northeastern Anatolian region using Malaise and light traps and sweeping nets between 2012 and 2014. In total, 86 species belonging to 7 genera are reported for the studied regions, among which 22 are recorded for the first time from Turkey: Biosteres (Biosteres) analis (Wesmael), Biosteres (Chilotrichia) clypealis (Thomson), B. (C.) sylvaticus (Haliday), Phaedrotoma zomborii (Papp), Opius (Adontopius) adentatus Fischer, O. (A.) nanosoma Fischer, Opius (Agnopius) austriacus Fischer, O. (A.) novosimilis Fischer, O. (A.) similoides Fischer, Opius (Allotypus) geniculatus Thomson, O. (A.) saevus Haliday, Opius (Ilicopius) moravicus Fischer, Opius (Misophthora) mischa Fischer, Opius (Nosopoea) areatus Tobias, O. (N.) tuberculifer Fischer, Opius (Opiostomus) dividus Tobias, O. (O.) vindex Haliday, Opius (Pendopius) exiloides Fischer, Utetes (Utetes) fasciatus (Thomson), U. (U.) rhodopensis Zaykov, U. (U.) ussuriensis (Tobias), and Xynobius (Xynobius) discoidalis (Fischer). The numbers of species of each genus are as follows: Biosteres Förster, 1862: 12; Diachasma Förster, 1862: 1; Diachasmimorpha Viereck, 1913: 1; Phaedrotoma Förster, 1862: 8; Opius Wesmael, 1835: 53; Utetes Förster, 1862: 6; Xynobius Förster, 1862: 5.

Keywords: Parasitoids, Braconidae, opiinae, Anatolian, Turkey, Biosteres, Diachasma, Phaedrotoma, Opius, Utetes

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