Species records of Ephemeroptera (Insecta) nymphs in the Gediz River basin with a new record for the Turkish fauna: Labiobaetis atrebatinus Eaton, 1870


Abstract: In this study, 3801 Ephemeroptera specimens were collected and identified from the Gediz River basin (Kütahya, Manisa, Uşak, and İzmir provinces) during 2011-2012. Twenty-three taxa belonging to 14 genera from 5 families were determined. All identified species from Uşak, Manisa, and İzmir and the 4 identified species from Kütahya are new records for the mentioned provinces. Moreover, Labiobaetis atrebatinus Eaton, 1870 is a new record for the Turkish Ephemeroptera fauna. As a result of this study, the number of the identified Ephemeroptera species from Turkey has increased to 147.

Keywords: Labiobaetis atrebatinus, Ephemeroptera, Gediz River basin, new record, Turkey

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