Reproduction, postnatal development, and social behavior of Ellobius lutescens Thomas, 1897 (Mammalia: Rodentia) in captivity


Abstract: The reproduction, postnatal development, and social behaviors of the Transcaucasian mole vole (Ellobius lutescens) were studied in the laboratory in 2012/2013. The collected voles were kept in glass cages in captivity conditions and observations were made throughout the year. The litter size, gestation period, neonate weight, eye-opening, weaning, and earliest sexual maturity age were observed. Pups were born with 'nipple-seizing incisors'. These incisors were different from those of adults. The molars and normal incisor eruption appeared after 19-21 days. Females have three pairs of nipples. The adult females were bigger in size than the males, yet the males consumed more food than the females. Isolated individuals consumed more food than did the paired animals.

Keywords: Mammals, Ellobius lutescens, mole vole, reproduction, Turkey

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