Investigations on Some Biological Characteristics of Sea Snail Rapana venosa (Val. 1846) Population in The Eastern Black Sea

Authors: Temel ŞAHiN

Abstract: In this research, sea snail, R. venosa (V. 1846), which is only a Gastropoda species in the Black sea, was studied. Biometric measurements of material caught with dredge were done and spawning time determined in laboratory. According to results, total length, weight, shell width, cooked meat weight, net meat weight, shell weight and net meat yield of sea snail changed between 30.0-100.0 mm, 9.76-205.8 g, 26.88-77.6 mm, 3.29-72.65 g, 1.46-39.30 g, 3.61-121.09 g and 14.96-23.11%, respectively. It has been determined that sea snail spawns between May and November in the Eastern Black Sea conditions.

Keywords: Sea snail, Rapana venosa, Eastern Black Sea, Gastropoda, Spawning.