Stigmaeid Mites New To The Turkish Fauna (Acari, Prostigmata, Stigmaeidae)

Authors: Kamil KOÇ, Nusret AYYILDIZ

Abstract: In this study, on the basis of specimens examined from Turkey, the characteristics of Storchia robustus (Berlese, 1885), Villersia sudetica Willmann, 1956, Stigmaeus longipilis (Canestrini, 1889) Stigmaeus scaber Summers, 1962, Stigmaeus planus Kuznetzov, 1978 and Stigmaeus obtectus Summers, 1962, which are new records for the Turkish fauna, have been given. In addition, their distributions have also been presented.

Keywords: Taxonomi, Stigmaeid Mites, New Records, Turkey.