Revision of the genus Aphelinus Dalman (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Aphelinidae) in Norway with descriptions of 3 new species


Abstract: The Norwegian species of Aphelinus Dalman, 1820 (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) are reviewed, and a total of 8 species are recorded. The 3 species Aphelinus abdominalis (Dalman, 1820), A. chaonia Walker, 1839, and A. varipes (Förster, 1841) have previously been recorded from Norway, while A. mali (Haldemann, 1851) and A. asychis Walker, 1839 represent new records for the country. The 3 species A. elvestueni sp. nov., A. odin sp. nov., and A. paluscolus sp. nov. are described, illustrated, and compared with closely related species. An illustrated key for the identification of the females of Norwegian Aphelinus is presented.

Keywords: Aphelinidae, revision, Aphelinus, new species, new record, Norway

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