Time-activity budgets of wintering Ferruginous Duck, Aythya nyroca, at Gajoldoba wetland, Jalpaiguri, India


Abstract: Results indicate resting as the main diurnal activity of Aythya nyroca, whereas feeding dominated during the night. Other than resting (56.3%), feeding (16.8%) and swimming (15.2%) were major activities of the diurnal time-activity budget, whereas preening (9.4%) and flying (2.3%) were less frequent and occupied a secondary rank. Feeding and swimming were prevalent during the morning and afternoon hours. During midday, most of the ducks indulged in resting. The small amount of time spent on diurnal feeding was compensated by voracious nocturnal feeding (64.6%), which peaked in the middle of the night. Human interference plays an important role in shaping the diurnal time-activity budget. Ferruginous Ducks used the Gajoldoba wetland for foraging and roosting both day and night all through the wintering cycle, which proves that the Gajoldoba wetland is a stable wintering ground for Ferruginous Ducks.

Keywords: Ferruginous Duck, time-activity budget, Gajoldoba, wintering ground

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