Herpetofauna of the vicinity of Akşehir and Eber (Konya, Afyon), Turkey


Abstract: In this research, 29 species of 11 amphibian and reptile families were detected in the endorheic basin of Akşehir and Eber. Of these species, 5 are anurans, 1 is a tortoise, 1 is a turtle, 9 are lizards, and 13 are snakes. In addition, the chorotype classification of the species recorded in the study area and their distributions depending on plants are also provided. It was established that specimens of subspecies Ophisops elegans macrodactylus and O. e. centralanatolia were sympatrically found in the vicinity of Ortaköy and Tuzlukçu. Moreover, in addition to the species determined in previous studies, Platyceps najadum and Hemorrhois nummifer were first detected in this region.

Keywords: Akşehir, Eber, herpetofauna, amphibian, reptile, taxonomy, ecology, distribution, chorotype

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