Seasonal variations in body length and fecundity of 2 copepod species: Thermocyclops crassus (Fischer, 1853) and Eudiaptomus drieschi (Poppe & Mrázek, 1895)


Abstract: The effects of temperature, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate, and chlorophyll-\alpha concentration on the body length and egg production of a cyclopoid copepod, Thermocyclops crassus, and a calanoid, Eudiaptomus drieschi, were evaluated. Sampling was conducted in Yenişehir Lake (Hatay, Turkey) on a monthly basis between May 2003 and April 2004. The results of the present study showed that, among the parameters considered, temperature and chlorophyll-\alpha concentration were the main parameters influencing the body length of T. crassus and E. drieschi in Yenişehir Lake. For E. drieschi, egg production was also affected by chlorophyll-\alpha levels.

Keywords: Copepod, body length, egg production, water quality parameters, Yenişehir Lake

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