Zerconella (Zerconella) balkanica sp. nov., a new species of Zerconidae (Acari: Mesostigmata) from central Albania


Abstract: One new species, Zerconella (Zerconella) balkanica sp. nov., is described as the second species of the subgenus Zerconella (Zerconella) Willmann, 1953 on the basis of 5 specimens collected in the Dejë Mountains in central Albania. The new species shows a close morphological relationship to Zerconella (Zerconella) leitnerae Willmann, 1953, but can be distinguished from the latter by the absence of setae J4, the position of setae J5, and the size of the dorsal cavities. Geographic distribution of the subgenus Zerconella (Zerconella) is presented.

Keywords: Mesostigmata, Zerconidae, Zerconella, new species, Balkan Peninsula, Albania

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