Investigations of the Growth and Reproduction of Horse Mackerel (Trachurus mediterraneus ponticus ALIEV) Population in Turkish Black Sea Coast

Authors: Temel ŞAHİN, Yaşar GENÇ, Hasan OKUR

Abstract: In this study, the following biological characteristics of horse mackerel (T.m.ponticus) population in Turkish Black Sea Coast have been examined: sex distribution, growth in length and weight, growth rates, attainment of first maturity age and spawning period. The percentage of males was 38.27%, females 38.10% and juveniles 23.63% out of 601 specimens which ranged between age group I-VI. The length and weight differences between females and males were not statistically significant. The weight-length relationship and growth equations were estimated as follows, respectively: W = 0.004834*L3.2188, Lt= 18.357 [1-e-0.4271(t+0.5986)] and Wt = 56.524 [1-e-0.4271(t+0.5986)]3.2188 The first maturity age was at the second year. According to GSI values, it has been determined that spawning occurs during July and August.

Keywords: Trachurus mediterraneus ponticus, Growth, Reproduction, Turkish Black Sea Coast