Still-Waters Systems In and Around Eskişehir Chironomidae (Diptera) Larvae

Authors: Naime POLATDEMİR, Yalçın ŞAHİN

Abstract: During this study 25 species were found. Among these species, the ones showing highly widespread distribution were; 'Chironomus thummi K., Chironomus viridicollis K., Chironomus anthracinus (Zett.), Polypedilum scalaenum Schr. 7 species were found in Yukarı Kartal pound, while 2 were found in Kunduzlar dam. Countrary to these, none was found in Beylik pond. The fact that the samples of Ortocladiinae was found in the streams of that area (Şahin, 1987, a,c; Thieneman, 1954) and not in still-waters seems to support the old considerations on the subject.

Keywords: Diptera, Chironomidae, Limnofauna, Eskişehir, Turkey.