Faunistic review and description of a new species of Pselaphinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) from the Strandzha Mountains (Bulgaria and Turkey)


Abstract: During a 3-year faunistic survey in the Strandzha Mountains and along the Black Sea coast, a total of 44 species of Pselaphinae were recorded, 40 in the Bulgarian part and 30 in the Turkish part of this mountain range. Bibloporus variicolor Reitter, 1882 is reported to occur in the Balkan Peninsula for the first time; the genus Centrotoma Hayden, 1849 and 3 species (Euplectus brunneus Grimmer, 1841, Batrisus formicarius Aubé, 1833, and Centrotoma lucifuga Hayden, 1849) are new for the Turkish fauna; and 4 species (Bibloplectus pusillus (Denny, 1825), Bibloplectus hungaricus Besuchet, 1955, Bythinus balkanicus Reitter, 1885, and Brachygluta tibialis Aubé, 1864) are new for Bulgaria. One new species of Bythinini, Bryaxis fronticornis sp. nov., is described, illustrated, and distinguished from related congeners.

Keywords: Faunistics, taxonomy, Palearctic, Strandzha Mountains, Black Sea coast, Pselaphinae, Bryaxis fronticornis sp. nov.

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