The genus Streblocera Westwood (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Euphorinae) from India, with descriptions of 9 new species


Abstract: Nine new species of the subgenus Eutanycerus of the genus Streblocera Westwood are described. These are: Streblocera (Eutanycerus) achterbergi sp. nov., S. (E.) aurrayyus sp. nov., S. (E.) etawahiana sp. nov., S. (E.) hayati sp. nov., S. (E.) kanpurensis sp. nov., S. (E.) levipleuron sp. nov., S. (E.) sharifi sp. nov., S. (E.) shawi sp. nov., and S. (E.) shujauddini sp. nov. This genus was previously recorded from India based on a species identified as S. macroscapa (Ruthe). However, the available specimens in the Department of Zoology at Aligarh Muslim University do not permit a definite confirmation of the species. A key to the Indian species of Streblocera (Eutanycerus) is given.

Keywords: Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Streblocera, subgenus, Eutanycerus, new species, India

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