Pycnogonida (Arthropoda) from Mersin Bay (Turkey, eastern Mediterranean)


Abstract: A study of the sea spiders found in Mersin Bay, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, revealed 5 species belonging to 2 families (Ammotheidae and Phoxichilidiidae), which are new records for the region: Ammothella longipes (Hodge, 1864), A. appendiculata (Dohrn, 1881), Tanystylum orbiculare Wilson, 1878, T. conirostre (Dohrn, 1881), and A. pygmaeus (Hodge, 1864). Of these, 4 species (A. longipes, A. appendiculata, T. conirostre, A. pygmaeus) are new records for the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. In addition, T. conirostre and A. appendiculata are recorded for the first time from the Levantine Sea. Distribution of the species in Turkish waters is provided, together with photographs and line drawings of the species.

Keywords: Pycnogonida, Mersin Bay, Turkish Mediterranean coast

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