Weight-length relationships of 28 fish species in the Sea of Marmara


Abstract: Weight-length relationships (WLRs) for 28 fish species were investigated in an enclosed basin in the Sea of Marmara. Due to low sample sizes (<15), 11 species were not taken into account, but length results were represented. WLR information for 8 species was taken for the first time in the Sea of Marmara, and these 8 species were examined according to sex. Parameters b were found to be insignificant between the sexes (P > 0.05). In this study, WLRs for Pomatoschistus marmoratus are presented for the first time in Turkish waters. Additionally, this study represents the first results for the entire Sea of Marmara and carries significant importance for the WLR database in light of previous studies, which only provided information for limited parts of this sea.

Keywords: Weight-length relationship, fish, Sea of Marmara, allometry

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