A New Subspecies of Sprattia sowerbyana O. BOETTGER 1883 from Egirdir (Turkey): Sprattia sowerbyana aksoylari nov. subsp. (Mollusca, Pulmonata, Clausiliidae)

Authors: M. Zeki YILDIRIM

Abstract: In this study a new subspecies of Sprattia O. BOETTGER 1883 from Egirdir, Turkey, is described: Sprattia sowerbyana aksoylari n.ssp. The shell morphology of this subspecies been investigated and its diagnostic characteristics are discussed in comparasion has the subspecies Sprattia sowerbyana sowerbyana and Sprattia sowerbyana imperialis.

Keywords: Turkey, Mollusca, Pulmonata, Clausiliidae, genus Sprattia, new subspecies.