Checklist of Questidae (Clitellata) and Aeolosomatidae (Oligochaeta) from South America


Abstract: The faunistic assemblage of basal clitellates in South America presently has 2 marine species (Questa media Westheide, 1981 and Aeolosoma maritimum dubiosum Westheide & Schmidt, 1974), and 15 species of freshwater aeolosomatids: A. aureum Marcus, 1944; A. beddardi Michaelsen, 1900; A. corderoi Du Bois-Reymond Marcus, 1944; A. evelinae Marcus, 1944; A. flavum Stolc, 1903; A. gertae Marcus, 1944; A. headleyi Beddard, 1888; A. hemprichi Ehrenberg, 1831; A. hyalinum Bunke, 1967; A. marcusi Van der Land, 1971; A. sawayai Marcus, 1944; A. travancorense Aiyer, 1926; A. variegatum Vejdovsky, 1884; and A. viride Stephenson, 1911, and Hystricosoma pictum Schmarda, 1861, species inquirenda. Eight of these are known only from South America.

Keywords: Distribution, lineage of continental annelids, faunistics, checklist, marine and freshwater "polychaetes"

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