Some Biological Characteristics of Mullus barbatus ponticus Essipov, 1927 in the Eastern Black Sea Coast of Turkey

Authors: Temel ŞAHİN, Bilal AKBULUT

Abstract: In this study, the following biological characteristics of Mullus barbatus ponticus Essipov, 1927, on the Black Sea coast, have been examined: sex distribution, growth in length and weight, growth rates, condition factor, and spawning period. It was concluded that M. barbatus ponticus showed age variation from I to VI, and the population is composed of 51.61 % males, 43.01 % females, and 5.38 % juveniles. The differences were statistically significant between mean lengths of females and males in age groups II, III, IV, V and IV (P<0.01), and mean weights of females and males in age groups are as follows, respectively: W=5.2653*10^{-3}*L^{3.2175}, W=5.3736*10^{-3}*L^{3.2209} Von Bertalanffy growth constants were estimated as L_{infinite}=21.264, K=0.2307, t0= -1.9434 for females, and L_{infinite}=21.028, K=0.2037, t0= -2.3273 for males. It has been revealed that the condition factor differences are statistically significant between females and males in age groups III (P<0.05), and IV (P<0.01). According to GSI values, it has been determined that spawning occurs during June and July, and sexual maturity occurs at the age of one year.

Keywords: Eastern Black Sea, Mullus barbatus ponticus, Growth, Condition Factor.