The structural organization and functional aspects of the olfactory epithelium of tigerperch, Terapon jarbua (Forsskål, 1775) (Perciformes: Terapontidae)


Abstract: The structure and function of different cells lining the olfactory epithelium in Terapon jarbua (Forsskål, 1775) were investigated by light and scanning electron microscopy. The olfactory rosette is oval in structure and consists of 18-20 primary lamellae arranged on a median raphe. A large part of the lateral surface of the olfactory lamella is covered with nonreceptor epithelium, whereas the receptor epithelium occupies the middle region. The sensory receptor epithelium is made up of receptor cells, rod cells, microvillar cells, labyrinth cells, and mucous cells. The nonsensory epithelium consists of ciliated supporting cells, mucous cells, and stratified epithelial cells. Different cells on the olfactory epithelium were correlated with the functional significance of the fish concerned.

Keywords: SEM, histoarchitecture, olfactory epithelium, Terapon jarbua

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