Reproductive performance of turbot (Psetta maxima) in the southeastern Black Sea


Abstract: Spawning time, total fecundity, fertilization, and hatching rates of turbot (Psetta maxima) were investigated in 10 wild female broodstock (mean wt: 3809.7 ± 1238.4 g). Spawning lasted 37 days, from April 17 to May 23. Mean total fecundity was 2329 ± 1260 x 10^3 eggs per female. Fertilization and hatching rates were 30.6 ± 25.4% and 17.9 ± 16.1%, respectively. A significant positive correlation was observed between body weight and total fecundity (r = 0.637, P < 0.05). The timing and frequency of hand stripping, fecundity, fertilization, and hatching rates in turbot are presented.

Keywords: Turbot, Psetta maxima, Black Sea, reproduction, fecundity, fertilization, hatching rate

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