Systematic position of Kervillea (Kervillea) ancyrana Bergevin, 1918 (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Issidae) from Turkey, with a new synonym of the species


Abstract: Based on the study of specimens from the type locality, Kervillea (Kervillea) ancyrana Bergevin, 1918 is restored as a valid species and a valid type species of the genus Kervillea Bergevin, 1918. Hysteropterum parvissimum Dlabola, 1957 is synonymized with K. (K.) ancyrana Bergevin, 1918. K. (K.) ancyrana Bergevin, 1918 and Kervillea (Kervillea) placophora (Horvath, 1905) are redescribed and figured based on the examination of the materials from Turkey.

Keywords: Kervillea (Kervillea) ancyrana, Kervillea (Kervillea) placophora, systematic position, syn. n., redescription, Turkey

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