Ten additions to the rotifer fauna of Turkey


Abstract: Ten monogonont rotifer species new for the Turkish fauna discovered in 2007 are discussed: Cephalodella delicata Wulfert, C. cf. forceps Donner, C. misgurnus Wulfert, Dipleuchlanis propatula (Gosse), Encentrum limicola Otto, E. mustela (Milne), Lecane aculeate (Jakubski), L. paradoxa (Steinecke), Notommata glyphura Wulfert, and Proales similis de Beauchamp. Eight are widely distributed, but C. cf. forceps Donner and L. paradoxa (Steinecke) have been recorded only from the Palearctic. Important parts of the trophi structure of some species are shown using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, pH, and water temperature were also measured.

Keywords: Rotifera, taxonomy, new records, SEM

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