The distribution of Euphorinae wasps (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in Turkey, with phytogeographical notes


Abstract: Sixty-three species belonging to 16 genera and 8 tribes collected from different ecosystems of Turkey between 1979 and 2007 were examined. Insects from 4 genera, Streblocera Westwood, Chrysopophthorus Goidanich, Elasmosoma Ruthe, and Marshiella Shaw, and the tribe Neoneurini Bengtsson were recorded for the first time in Turkey. Twenty-two species that had not previously been found in Turkey were observed in this study. Each of the 8 phytogeographical provinces in Turkey has a different Euphorinae faunal composition. In terms of the total number of species, the order of the phytogeographical provinces, from the most to the least amount of species, is as follows: Subeuxine, Euxine, Kseroeuxine, Iran, Mediterranean, Central Anatolian, Anatolian, and Mesopotamian.

Keywords: Euphorinae, Braconidae, Hymenoptera, phytogeographical, Turkey

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