The Pathologic and Bacteriologic Comparison of Pneumonia in Lambs


Abstract: The correlations between the bacteriologic agent of lamb pneumonia and its pathologic characters were investigated in this study. Pneumonia was detected in 262 (35.41%) of 740 diseased or dead lambs. Pathogenic bacteria were isolated in 114 cases (14.96% of all lamb deaths and 43.51% of all pneumonias). Lung lesions were histopathologically described as acute-catarrhal (17.56%), catarrhal-purulent (14.50%), purulent-necrotic (9.54%), fibrinous (26.72%), fibrinous-necrotic (5.73%), interstitial (18.32%), or verminous pneumonia (7.63%). In bacteriological studies, Mannheimia haemolytica (56.14%), E. coli (24.56%), and Pasteurella multocida (10.52%) were detected as important bacterial agents that caused different pneumonic lesions in lambs.

Keywords: Lamb, pneumonia, pathology, bacteriology

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