Abortions in Sheep Due to Listeria ivanovii in the Kars Region


Abstract: This report describes an outbreak of Listeria ivanovii-induced abortion in sheep in the Kars region. In a flock of 120 sheep raised in Taşlıdere, a village in the region of Arpaçay, in Kars, some ewes in the last stages of gestation aborted in March, 2004. Necropsy was conducted on 5 aborted foetuses. Livers of the aborted foetuses showed diffuse necrotic foci. Histologically, the liver and lungs of aborted foetuses revealed diffuse coagulative necrosis infiltrated with macrophages and neutrophils. Bacterial culture from the liver and lungs of foetuses found pure growth of L. ivanovii subsp. ivanovii.

Keywords: Sheep, Listeria ivanovii, abortion

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