Pseudolichus solutocurtus Dubinin, 1956 (Acarina, Pterolichoidea) and Harpyrhynchus sp. (Acarina, Harpyrhynchidae Dubinin, 1957) Species Recorded for the First Time on Wild Partridges in Turkey


Abstract: This study was performed to determine the presence of mite species on wild partridges in Elazığ district. For this purpose, a total of 68 partridges were caught in the 1996-2000 hunting seasons and inspected for the presence of mite species. At the end of the examinations 8 partridges were found to be infested by mites. Two different mite species were found on the infested partridges. These species were identified as Pseudolichus solutocurtus (Dubinin, 1956) and Harpyrhynchus sp. (Harpyrhynchidae Dubinin, 1957). In conclusion, 2 species of mites not reported before in the mite fauna of Turkey were found.

Keywords: Acari, wild partridge, pterolichoidea, Pseudolichus solutocurtus, harpyrhynchidae, harpyrhynchus sp., Turkey

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