Some Histochemical Properties of the Ceruminous Glands in the Meatus Acusticus Externus in Cats and Dogs


Abstract: This study was conducted to determine some histochemical properties of the ceruminous glands located in the meatus acusticus externus in cats and dogs. Ten cats and 10 dogs of various breeds were used as the study materials. To determine the properties of the secretions of the ceruminous glands in the meatus acusticus externus of cats and dogs, the periodic acid Schiff (PAS) stain was used for neutral mucosubstances and glycogen, while the Alcian blue stain (pH 2.5) was applied for the presence of acidic mucosubstances. The diastase reaction was applied to confirm the presence of glycogen. In dogs, positive staining was observed for glycogen and neutral mucosubstances, whereas, in cats, negative reactions were observed. The positive reactions observed in dogs were found not to originate from glycogen by the negative diastase reactions observed. The Alcian blue stain (pH 2.5) for acidic mucosubstances gave positive reactions for cats and negative reactions for dogs.

Keywords: Ceruminous gland, histochemistry, meatus acusticus externus, cat and dog

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