Evaluation of the Photocopy Method for Counting Puntius conchonius’s Eggs


Abstract: The photocopy technique was developed to count fish eggs. Fecundity of the rosy barb Puntius conchonius was determined by both actual counts and the photocopy method. Egg stripping and fertilisation were performed manually. After fertilisation, water-hardened eggs were photocopied. White circles were counted and recorded as viable eggs and dark dots counted as dead eggs. Egg numbers estimated by this technique were significantly correlated with those estimated by actual counting (r = 0.999; P < 0.05). The advantage of the photocopy method is that it is a relatively fast method without significant loss in accuracy and it is cheaper than the other currently used methods.

Keywords: Egg number, photocopy technique, rosy barb, Puntius conchonius

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