Microbiological Quality and Chemical Composition of the Döner


Abstract: Chemical composition and microbiological quality of 40 döner samples (cooked) taken from 8 different restaurants in Erzurum city center were investigated. Total aerobic bacteria count was an average of 5.1 log CFU/g. Lactic acid bacteria counts in 20% of samples, Enterobacteriaceae and S. aureus counts in 60% of samples, coliform bacteria counts in 45% of samples, E. coli counts in 67.5% of samples, and C. perfringens count in 85% of samples were under detectable levels (<1.0 log CFU/g). Salmonella was not found in any of the samples. However, 8 of the analyzed samples were Listeria positive. The average moisture, crude protein, crude fat and crude ash values of samples were 47.56%, 22.59%, 25.42% and 2.62%, respectively.

Keywords: Salmonella, Listeria, döner, chemical composition

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