A Study on the Meat Cost and Marketing Margins of Cattle Fattening Farms in Erzurum Province


Abstract: The major aim of this study was to analyze the meat cost per kg live weight and marketing margins of cattle fattening farms in Erzurum province in the 2001 production period. Data were collected from 130 cattle fattening farms and different associations. Cattle fattening farms were classified according to their size into 3 groups using stratified random sampling. According to the results obtained, the meat cost per kg live weight was 2.800.000 TL for group 1 farms, 2.840.000 TL for group 2 farms and 2.290.000 TL for group 3 farms. Marketing margins were 33.33% for group 1 and 3 farms and 32.38% for group 2 farms. In general, the meat cost per kg live weight was 2.550.000 TL and marketing margins were 32.86%.

Keywords: Meat cost, marketing margins, cattle fattening

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