Prevalence of Toxocarosis Vitulorum in Cattle in Thracia, Turkey

Authors: Müfit TOPARLAK, Mükremin Özkan ARSLAN, AYŞEN GARGILI, Erkut TÜZER

Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of toxocarosis vitulorum in cattle in Thracia area of Marmara Region (in northwestern Turkey). For this purpose a different location was visited each month between May 1993 April 1994 and a total of 796 fecal samples were collected from 12 locations. The eggs of this parasite were found in 4.3% out of the 326 cattle aged up to 6 months while none of the 470 cattle 6 months and over. The parasite was encountered in 9 (75%) out of 12 locations. EPG's ranged from 25 to 5800.

Keywords: Toxocara vitulorum, cattle, prevalence, Turkey