Prevalence of Eimeria Species in Lambs in Antakya Province


Abstract: This study was conducted to identify Eimeria species in lambs in Antakya province. For this purpose, 248 samples were collected from 34 randomly selected lamb herds in 6 different towns. In the laboratory examination of samples, 10 different Eimeria species were identified in Antakya province. These species were E. ahsata (11.29%), E. bakuensis (38.70%), E. crandallis (64.91%), E. faurei (11.29%), E. intricata ( 9.27%), E. marsica (16.93%), E. ovinoidalis (55.24%), E. pallida (3.62%), E. parva (13.30%), and E. weybridgensis (30.24%). Among these species, E. weybridgensis, E. marsica and the varieties of E. crandallis (small and blue varieties) are reported for the first time in Antakya province. E. gilruthi, E. gonzalezi, E. granulosa and E. punctata were not observed.

Keywords: Lamb, Eimeria, coccidiosis, Antakya

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