Performance and Some Digesta Parameters of Broiler Chickens Given Low or High Viscosity Wheat-Based Diets with or without Enzyme Supplementation


Abstract: The influence of 2 enzyme supplements for diets based on wheat with high or low viscosity on performance and some intestinal parameters of male broiler chickens were investigated. The experiment was of 2 x 3 factorial design, with 2 types of wheat (high or low viscosity) and 3 enzyme treatments (none, Avizyme 1300-xylanase or Avizyme 1500-amylase). Ileal digesta viscosity was significantly (P < 0.029) higher in birds fed with high viscous wheat than with low viscous wheat. Ileal digesta viscosity (P < 0.001) and dry matter content (P < 0.002) were significantly reduced by both enzyme preparations. Body weight gain, feed intake, dry matter intake, feed conversion ratio, DM retention and wet or dry excreta output were not significantly (P > 0.05) affected by all treatments. There were no significant interactions (P > 0.05) between the effects of wheat type and enzyme supplementation. In conclusion, the supplementation of high or low viscous wheat-based diets with the enzyme preparations of amylase or xylanase activity led to significant reductions in ileal digesta viscosity whereas no significant alterations were observed in the performance parameters.

Keywords: Broiler, wheat, enzyme, viscosity, performance

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