Helminth Infections in Tench (Tinca tinca) from Kapulukaya Dam Lake


Abstract: This study was conducted to determine helminth infections in tench (Tinca tinca), caught in Kapulukaya dam lake. The tench were transferred to the laboratory alive or recently dead. Thereafter, they were necropsied. Postmortem examination of the fish revealed that 84% were positive for various helminth species. Asymphylodora tincae (97.6%), Pomphorhynchus laevis (26.1%), metacercariae (15.4%), plerocercoids of Ligula sp. (5.9%) and nematode larvae (2.2%) were detected in infected fish. A. tincae was found in the intestine, P. laevis was found both in the intestine and in the abdominal cavity, plerocercoids of Ligula sp. were found only in the abdominal cavity, while nematode larvae and metacercariae were found on the skin and gills.

Keywords: Tench, Tinca tinca, helminths, distribution

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