Breeding Characteristics and Milk Yield Traits of Holstein Cattle in Reyhanlı Agricultural Facility


Abstract: In this study, the reproduction and milk yield production characteristics of 110 Holstein cows raised in the Reyhanlı Agricultural Facility are investigated. The study includes milk records obtained between 1990 and 1999 and reproduction records from 1993 to 1998. The aim of the study was to determine the descriptive values of milk yield and reproductive traits of Holstein Friesian cattle. The means for the breeding characteristics were as follows: age at first insemination 587.78 ± 102.67 days, age at first calving 892.12 ± 116.98 days, calving interval 394.01 ± 72.24 days, service period 103.39 ± 13.82 days, number of inseminations per pregnancy 1.58 ± 1.21, calving rate 85.30%, viability of calves up to 6 months of age 97.38%, stillborn rate 3.38%, abortion rate 2.49%, pregnancy rate at first insemination 59.60%, gestation period 270.21 days, and yearly replacement rate in the herd 20.50%. The averages for the milk production characteristics were as follows: length of lactation, lactation milk yield, 305-day milk yield, 305-2x-ME milk yield and dry period were 313.08 ± 41.63 days, 6427.90 ± 75.03 kg, 6208.42 ± 69.39 kg, 6850.03 ± 71.73 kg and 61.22 ± 5.00 days, respectively. The effects of production year on length of lactation, lactation milk yield and 305-day milk yield were highly significant (P < 0.01). The effects of lactation number, calving season and age on all characteristics were not significant.

Keywords: Holstein, reproduction characteristics, dairy performance

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