Testis Characteristics in Ile de France (IF) x Akkaraman (AK)(G1) Male Lambs


Abstract: This research was carried out on 125-day-old Ile de France (IF)X Akkaraman (AK) (G1) male lambs. In the research, the phenotypic parameters of some testis characteristics determined before and after slaughtering were calculated. The least-squares means of left and right testis diameters, left and right testis lengths, left and right testis volumes before and after slaughtering were found to be 3.7±0.09 cm and 4.2±0.12 cm; 3.9±0.10 cm and 4.2±0.11 cm; 6.6±0.17 cm and 7.4±0.21 cm; 6.9±0.17 cm and 7.4±0.17 cm; 51.7±2.76 cm^3 and 70.1±4.57 cm^3; 57.8±3.76 cm^3 and 87.4±7.86 cm^3, respectively. The least squares means of scrotal circumference before slaughtering was 23.8±0.55 cm. The least squares means of left and right testis weights, both testis weights, left and right testis circumferences, and both testis circumferences were found to be 85.3±4.0 g, 86.0±3.95 g, 161.0±8.27 g, 10.1±1.05 cm, 10.0±1.06 cm and 19.6±0.60 cm, respectively. Phenotypic correlations among testis chracteristics were significiant (p<0.01).

Keywords: Male lamb, testis characteristics, phenotypic parameters.

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