Histopathology of the Epidermal Papilloma in Cage Cultured Mirror Carp (Cyprinus carpio) in Eğirdir Lake


Abstract: In this study, the histopathology of enzootic epidermal papillomas in cage cultured mirror carp from the Liman region of Eğirdir Lake was investigated. Macroscopically, the lesions were creamy-white, had a villus-like structure and were localised in the operculum, lateral line and fins. Histopathological studies showed that lesions were the result of hyperplasia of fibrous connective tissue and epidermal tissues. The cells of both tissues were faintly stained by HxE and PAS. Under light microscopy, cytoplasmic vacuolation in epidermal cells in the lesions was prominent. Mucous cells were relatively common and larger than normal. Chemotherapy effectively cured all lesions.

Keywords: Mirror carp (Cyprinus carpio), Cage Culture, Epidermal Papilloma, Histopathology.

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