Andrological examinations of Kangal sheepdogs (Karabash)


Abstract: In this study, according to different age groups (1-3, 4-6, 7 years old and over) of Kangal sheepdogs, andrological examinations were performed and the correlations between morphological, functional and spermatological parameters were estimated. In the morphological examinations of the genital organs, testis width, testis length, scrotal circumference, scrotal skin thickness and body weight were measured. The differences between the body weights of the groups were found to be significant (p<0.05). In the functional examinations of Kangal sheepdogs, 1st fraction, 2^{nd} fraction and 3^{rd} fraction volumes and periods were determined. In all the age groups, total ejaculation periods (min) were 17.04, 15.13 12.07 and total volume of ejaculates (ml) were 14.75, 16.81, 11.86 respectively. In addition, libido sexualis of the dogs was values between 0 and 5. According to this, the libido, ejaculate period and 3^{rd} fraction period of the dogs in the 1-3 years of age group were higher than those in the other age groups (p<0.05). Semen was collected by the massage method and spermatological properties (semen volume, motility, concentration, abnormal and dead spermatozoa rate and pH) were determined. In these determined properties, dead spermatozoa rates in the 1-3 years of age group were higher than those in the other age groups (p<0.05). When the correlations between the andrological features of dogs were estimated, it was found that there was not a direct relation between genital organ measurements with spermatological and functional features. Consequently, it was determined that andrological features must be appraised considering the age, breed and environmental circumstances, not only the genital organ measurements when determining semen quality and output. In addition, in the morphological and functional examinations, due to the dogs under 7 years old having a better libido than the others and showing normospermia, the dogs that will be kept for breeding must not be old.

Keywords: Kangal sheepdog (karabash), adrologia, testes dimensions, libido, spermiogram

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