The Possibilities for the Use of Commercial Starter Cultures in Pastırma Production


Abstract: The growth of commercial cultures of Staphylococcus carnosus, Staphylococcus carnosus + Lactobacillus pentosus and Staphylococcus xylosus + Lactobacillus sakei during various processing stages of pastırma produced using sodium nitrite, and their effects on end product properties were investigated. The use of starter culture and production stages had significant (p<0.01) effects on total aerobic mesophilic, Micrococcus/Staphylococcus, lactic acid bacteria and yeast-mould counts. It was determined that the use of starter cultures had a significant (p<0.01) effect on pH, NPN, +a* and +b* values while it had an insignificant (p>0.05) effect on moisture, nitrite and salt contents. During production stages, moisture and salt contents, and L*, +a* and +b* values changed significantly (p<0.01). Of the starter cultures, the best results were generally obtained from pastırma containing S. xylosus + L. sakei.

Keywords: Pastırma, Starter Culture, Lactobacillus sakei, Nitrite, MFI, L*, a* and b* values

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